To enhance the look and value of your home, many people are upgrading their driveways, walkways and patios with concrete, patterned concrete, aggregate or interlocking pavers. There is no better way to protect that investment than calling on Greg Cooper Cleaning and Sealing Services to provide a professional sealant to your new home improvement.

If you have never applied sealant and your decorative concrete or interlocking pavers are looking old and worn, a professional cleaning and sealing can bring out the true beauty of your surface, revitalizing the color and extending the life of the surface.

Sealers protect against the elements, especially in harsh climates where there are many freeze and thaw cycles throughout the year. When water
penetrates the surface and freezes, it expands and breaks apart the concrete resulting in scaling and spalling. Sealer creates a barrier that is impermeable to water and those harmful deicing salts.

One of biggest benefits of sealer is stain prevention. It can prevent those hideous oil stains on driveways and garage floors, rust stains from aging patio furniture, grease stains from dripping grills, or those nasty black and green mold stains. With sealer, none of these can penetrate the surface which keeps your concrete looking clean.

If you have decorative concrete, whether it’s stamped, colored, exposed aggregate, or interlocking pavers, you have invested a lot of money to enhance the appearance of your home. You should protect your investment and make it last as long as possible. The best solution is to contact Greg Cooper Cleaning and Sealing Services for a professional cleaning and professional sealing with some of the industries best products.

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